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Right now, business fluidity is the new deal and with it comes a technological blueprint that is increasingly getting more complex as it evolves, giving businesses a means to have a fair advantage in meeting efficiently the requirements of competitive markets and economies making a company using these technological advancements relevant at all times. The process goes on without losing focus on customer demand; which in recent times have increased exponentially, providing consumers with practical experiences void of complexities.

At Touchstone Technologies, we are in the business of helping global enterprises develop top-notch solutions to their version of complex business challenges they face while trying to solve their consumers’ needs. Our consultants achieve these feats using sustainable innovations; these innovative technological strategies could be commercial websites, business software or mobile applications that align our clients’ businesses to function seamlessly in a world of cloud computing and digital disruption with ease.

Our well-trained and professional consultants handle the job of executing, designing and the development of top market performance road maps for your business, using a combination of cutting-edge technological innovations, critical thinking, teamwork and high-quality coding made readily available via our network of market/industry leading partners and our strong global reach.


Touchstone Technologies was founded in 2008 and headquartered in Mumbai, India. We have partnered with the best technology companies with offices in the USA and the UK; our partner's network models are one to beat in this industry. This massive expansion is due to our professionalism and ability to leverage the cumulative strengths of our partners to serve the needs and requirements of our clients better.


At Touchstone Technologies we excel at all we do and to make this possible, we leverage on industry innovations and the development of advanced technologies such as the Web, E-commerce, Internet of things (IoT), Wearable, Cloud computing, Enterprise mobility and so on.


Our vision is to help all clients that come our way by providing them with state-of-the-art services enabling them to harness their potential fully and get ROI.

Why Choose Us

Provision of unmatchable services:

We have various top-notch services to help clients with the

best-fit solutions.

All client types:

We cater to different classes of clients from startups, enterprises and small to medium businesses.

Different platforms

We offer solutions for all platforms: iOS, Android, Windows and wearable platform.

HOW WE WORKWe use the best methodologies that work.


At Touchstone Technologies \our first point of call for our clients is to have a complete understanding of your business needs. Our top consultants will discuss your preferences, target audience and requirements.


We create a document that outlines all Scope of Work (S.O.W.) to capture the project specifications, requirements, and constraints.


The project solution is developed and tested based set Scope of Work outlined.


Touchstone Technologies will fix all issues improving functionality; we also enhance UI and UX and carry out quality checks.



Vikram has over 18 years of keen interest in technology. His attention got him fully involved in the development of solutions directed to software development, web and mobile applications, on-demand solutions. His accolades speak for him as there are proven records of Vikram led Touchstone Technologies providing innovative, state-of-the-art technology services, providing efficient solutions giving clients an edge in a competitive business world.

Touchstone Technologies has no doubt become a leading IT consulting firm created over ten years ago. Vikram has poised his company to work relentlessly with global enterprises and startups, helping them solve issues around complex business challenges faced by these businesses while trying to address the needs of their esteemed consumers.

Before creating Touchstone Technologies, Vikram was the Chief Operating Officer of Choksi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Here he was responsible for smooth execution of deliveries for the projects with a focus on improving software development processes, methodology, and quality of service for clients.

He was responsible for the following duties which he carried out diligently:

  • Collaboration with the sales teams to develop potent strategic business concepts providing solutions that are well positions in RFP responses and client communication
  • Performing world-class conceptualizing, analysis and the documentation of requirements by lead teams.
  • Provision of functional and technical solution to consumers in various industries including financial services, hi-tech sectors for startups and global enterprises.
  • Reeling in new customers and ensuring old customers come back with more businesses by delivering outstanding customer experience.
Customers served by Vikram Shah:
  • Shaadilogy.com (for Kaizen Webtech LLP)
  • Lupus Travel Management (for Kaiross Limited)
  • The Blackbucklodge
  • Bridge-X Technologies
  • IntegraScreen FZ LLC
  • EmmayHR
  • Essel Propack Ltd.
  • Mindforge LLC
  • Rental Avenue
  • Baazee.com India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ratemyprofessor.com
  • Hungama.com (for Virtual Marketing (India) Pvt. Ltd.)

Vikram has a Bachelor in Commerce Degree from the University of Mumbai.

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