BIG DATA AND ANALYTICS Big data and Analytics takes your business to the next level.


Most companies capture big data these days. Smart businesses stand out basing their most significant decisions on big data.

Your data contains an enormous value, but unlocking the insights and understanding their usage may be a challenge. Information from disparate and multiple sources, the ever-changing needs of customers, and shifting market dynamics, are forces that drive organisations to generate insights from data; perceptivity that will improve their decision making.

At Touchstone, we help you integrate, aggregate, validate your data and give meaningful insights into client behaviour, purchase preferences and patterns which will enable you to offer innovative products/services and maximise profits.


R programming, R Shiny, Python 3, Jupyter, NumPy, Pandas, Beautiful Soup, Regular express, Qlik View & Tableau


Data extraction/cleaning/transformation, Data Mining, Data Modeling, Data Visualization, Statistics Analysis, Machine Learning, Bayesian Statistics, Regression, Classification, Clustering, Web Scraping, etc.

Areas of expertise:

Technical Analysis (Stocks), Risk Analysis, Market Sentiment Analysis, Financial Modeling, Forecasting and Predictive Modeling using machine learning tools, Dashboard.

Industry Experience:

Financial Services, E-Commerce & Web Portals, Online advertising and marketing, Retail, Banking & Insurance, etc.