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For a modern business to go digital successfully in recent times goes beyond owning websites, apps and other means of customers getting to know what your business is about, and how to purchase from you. Going digital is all about creating an innovative way of providing world-class customer experience in line with what your business values are.

Human experience or insight when paired with innovative technology can do more than was possible a decade ago; it is now shaping the way we learn, create and interact in the business world with each other (other businesses), consumers of our products and prospective customers. Our communication, socialization, travel, health, shopping and business strategies have gone 180 degrees, everything developed with high levels of complexity, yet simple for the layman (your consumer) to grasp and use effectively.

The modern digital world is continually reeling out innovative means for enterprises and organizations do their businesses efficiently. Although it is a welcome development adopting new technological methods and strategies to do business seamlessly and make ROI, an overhaul of traditional business models are required which is a significant challenge for most companies

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We help you integrate, aggregate, validate your data and give meaningful insights into client behavior, purchase preferences and patterns which will enable you to offer innovative products/services and maximize profits.

E-Commerce Development

We provide the best personalisation strategies and top-quality web development services for e-Commerce.

Web Development

Web development is one service we provide, and we are proud of our results. To us at Touchstone Technologies, we do not just worry about the outward look of the website; we are also committed to providing the best user experience without hitches.

Mobile Development

We design and develop intuitive and attractive mobile applications for Windows Phone, Android, and iOS, which provide equally excellent user experience and performance for each software platform.

Digital Marketing

We provide solutions that help modern businesses uses marketing assets to attract, engage, and delight customers online.


You need to evolve and innovate to be successful. But the cloud is as complex as it is powerful. Our consultants are certified in all the leading cloud technologies. You choose the clouds hosting. You choose the clouds hosting solution. We'll manage them for you.

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